Personal Sales

£0-350 = 25%    |    >£350 = 30%

Place a monthly order to receive commissions on your personal team’s sales for that month. Once £350 in personal revenue is reached in a month you will be paid 30% commission on any orders over this amount for the rest of that month. Monthly cycle will refresh every 30 days. Payments will be processed every Friday (time of day may vary).

Team Building

Sales referred 1 level below you: 3%
Sales referred 2 levels below you: 2%

Receive commission from your team’s sales! Get 3% of the sales from your direct recruits and 2% of the sales from those recruited by your direct recruit.

Candle Credit Reward Scheme

Incentive for parties/hostess rewards

Spend over £200 in one transaction and receive a FREE 314ml jar candle
Spend over £300 in one transaction and receive TWO FREE 314ml jar candles
(Scents can be chosen from our standard ranges)