Where To Start When Starting Out

Where to start


Contact your hot market – 10 easiest and 10 best


Once you have completed your list of 10 people you would like to join you and 10 people you think will buy from you (family and friends) in your ‘launching strong’ guide, send them the following messages. Please feel free to adjust these so you feel more comfortable and so the messages feel ‘more you’. The below examples are just that, examples


10 Best


The top ten people you feel would be amazing at this business


“Hey..........(insert their name)

I hope you are well. How are the kiddies? I have just started my own online business! I am so excited to get stuck in and am in LOVE with the products and just know you would be too! Would you be open to hearing more about how you can do this with me?! Absolutely fine if it doesn’t turn out to be for you, I just had to ask as I know how perfect you would be for this! And plus how amazing would it be to start this together!!”


 10 Easiest


The top ten people you think will be your first customers


 “Hi ........(insert name)

How are you? I'm really excited!!! I've just started a new online business representing amazing handmade products by Croxon Kitchen... it’s a brand I adore and I’m determined to do well with this...  I'm looking for 10 of my nearest and dearest to trial one product and give me their honest opinion. Not a problem if you don’t need anything right now but I just know you would LOVE these products! Would you like to take a look at what we have?”


Give them the choice at the end and if they turn you down respect their decision. They will more than likely buy from you in future because the idea of these messages is to ‘plant the seed’. They now know you have started a new business and will be keeping an eye on what you get up to.


If you want to extend your list to more than 10 then feel free!! More the merrier!

A great way to find people is by scrolling through your Facebook Friends list or mobile phone contacts.