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When you join Croxon Kitchen you don’t have to do House Parties but I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you do!! They are much less work than online parties and much more fun! It is much easier to get across the quality of products in person, and people love to be able to touch, smell and test the products for themselves.


One house party can give you all the sales you need for a month which then frees up your time to focus on recruiting and looking after your team for the rest of the month. So I recommend trying to book a minimum of one a month. You don’t need a huge amount of stock either! A few products is enough to get people interested and purchasing.


What is the difference between a house party and open house?


At an OPEN HOUSE is where you set up a display and people can drop in as and when and order from you. If you know you are going to be in for the day then this can be an excellent idea as it will give you more time with people on an individual basis.


At a HOUSE PARTY you have a set evening / day / playdate where you set up a display of the products and play games, hold raffles and have some nibbles and drinks. They are great fun and always result in orders!


House parties are also a great way to advertise the opportunity and show your family and friends how much fun you are having, all whilst making money, and therefore they may well just want to join you!


I recommend contacting all of your friends and family to begin with and try to get one house party booked per month. As a party is drawing to a close it is also a great idea to offer your party guests the chance to host their own party with their friends. You could offer a free bottle of bubbly or product/product voucher if they booked a party. (Give the prize on the actual day of their booked party)




Queen of the party – purchase a cheap blow up/plastic crown. The host starts off wearing the crown, if they cross their legs/drink with their right hand/make up any fun rule then they have to give their crown to the person who noticed! Whoever is wearing the crown at the end of the party wins a prize.


Raffle - £1 a ticket to enter, whoever wins will win the pot of money to spend at the party. This is great as it’s a guaranteed order!


Pass the parcel – wrap up sweet, little gifts from the pound shop, with a free spend/discount voucher as the centre prize


You can create your own games here and please share ideas in the team Facebook page






Simple token gifts make the best prizes... things that don’t cost the world but are a really nice gesture... chocolate / free raffle entry / sample / The pound shop has loads of little gifts.






All you need to host a party


Your starter box/any stock you do have but you don’t need a lot!


Table cloth


Paper / pen


Snacks / drinks


Small prize for game winners


Catalogues/product print outs/laptop displaying website


Business cards


Product Pictures


Calculator or your phone


Ipad/laptop with videos and photos


Card reader (Izettle / paypal etc)


Order forms


Fragrance list and prize list print outs






Online parties are also possible. You can set up an event on Facebook and invite all your friends. You then share photos/posts/videos of the products either over the space of a few days or you could book in a date and do it of an evening. You can still do games and post interactive photos/posts to get the event engagement up. These are still great for sales but as your attendees can’t see the products they are not always as successful as house parties. They are still possible though and are a great tool for showing off as many products as you can in a short time frame, and expanding your audience because your friends can add their friends and then you add them on Facebook, thank them for attending the party and see if they would like to host their own! This is also another way of promoting the business opportunity.






Warm up to house parties by holding a relaxed one with your own friends / family to begin with, you can advertise it as your ‘launch party’ when you first start your business.


Team up with another Croxon Kitchen team member for moral support


Smile lots and be confident


Focus on our best sellers


Download Izettle so you can accept card payments


Always offer the opportunity


Always offer the possibility of a house party