Instagram Bootcamp

How to become an Instagram pro


Setting up your Instagram Account

  • Make your Instagram a ‘creator’ account (business account).
  • Link your personal Facebook profile.
  • Make profile public so people can find you.
  • Be an active user – comment on/like/save others posts.
  • Interact with your target audience (the accounts you feel may be interested in your product or service.)
  • Promote your Instagram account on Facebook – at least once a month to increase your following across both platforms. (The more accounts your audience follow you on the more chance they have of seeing your posts.)


Things not to do on Instagram

  • Do not mention your company name
  • Do not share links to your website (do this in the messenger)
  • Do not put company name in your title
  • Do not buy likes/followers
  • Do not take part in ‘follow for follow’ as these accounts will not be genuine. You want your following to engage with your account. We need quality in our following, not quantity.


Top Tips

  • The aim is to engage people with your posts to then get them into your messenger
  • ‘Sell’ in your messenger
  • Give value in your posts
  • Your profile photo should be a thumbnail of you
  • Post a block of colour on your Instagram and write in the caption – “I took Instagram seriously from here” so you can track your progress from this point
  • Change your name to help you show up in searches
  • Bio – Bullet point what you are about (e.g. ‘on a mission to ….’ ‘aiming to …’ ‘Helping... to.. .’)
  • First letter in each word of your bio to be in capitals
  • Add Hashtags to bio (e.g. #mum helping other mums to earn a #passiveincome)
  • Do not use company name in bio or Instagram name
  • Create a link tree for social media channels and group (do not put your website link here)
  • Post anything you like, don’t worry about having a theme or trend to your posts
  • Tell a story through the content you create
  • Use Hypeauditor to view analysis of your page so you can track your progress


 Creating Content

  • Identify your target market and post to them (e.g. mums, shift workers)
  • Aim of the post is to get people to comment/like/share/save
  • Once engagement has been made message them to start a conversation

Content ideas (aim for 3-5 posts a week on your grid):

  • Selfie – face behind the brand
  • Quotes your target market would like to see (e.g. mum quotes. Entrepreneur quotes)
  • Full body photo
  • Family Photo
  • Instagram TV
  • Video
  • Instagram Live
  • Reel
  • Stories – 3-5 a day (share your day)
  • Shoutout team members, customers thanking them for orders, etc (could ask Instagram accounts where you share the same target market to do a shoutout for them if they do one for you in return)


  • Scroll through the reels feed to find reels you could duplicate
  • Click the audio at the bottom of the reel to save it
  • Create your own reel with your own spin

*Reels are massive on Instagram! Do not get left behind! Target them around your target audience*



  • Polls – always give two positive answers
  • Quizzes – related to product or opportunity
  • Questions – ask me anything
  • Chat – adds people into a chat with you (could offer an incentive to the first ten to join)


**Conversations before commissions**

If you are not making enough commissions, you are not having enough conversations!



*We live in a world of lonely people waiting for someone to reach out to them*



Growing Following and Engagement

  • Have text on all your posts
  • Photos of yourself and your family – people follow people they know, like and trust
  • Videos (can share your story and save it to your highlights
  • Tag in your posts/story if justified
  • Advanced Setting – Alt text (lets you describe what is in your post)
  • Engage with everyone who engages with you
  • Settings – General – keyboard – text replacement (can use this to reply quickly to comments)
  • Comment strategy – 5 x 5 x 5 (find 5 hashtags, find 5 posts, comment with 5 words)
  • Improve photography
  • Consistent filter style
  • Good use of #
  • Hashtag research
  • Geotag your posts (Add locations)
  • Experiment with caption length to see what works best for your target audience
  • Include a call to action (‘comment with ….’ ‘Share to your stories if you agree’)
  • Stay consistent
  • Have posts in trending topics
  • Post at peak times
  • Reply to all comments/mentions/shoutouts
  • Reels, reels, reels
  • Partner with others for collabations
  • Influencer shoutouts. Get known by influences then can ask them to review your product/join – don’t ask you don’t get.
  • Use Hashtags on your posts
  • Use the hashtag sticker in stories
  • Use text to hashtag another 5 in stories
  • Minimise them so you cannot see them
  • Use 6 hashtags per post/story post
  • Copy hashtags used by companies that are similar to yours


Recruiting on Instagram

Finding people – find an excuse to message them

  • Attracting them through the story you share. Message anyone who interacts on your story/post
  • Location – Find locals
  • Hashtags – search for hashtags associated to your target audience
  • Discover people/Suggested friends


Follow them and message straight away to say why you are messaging:

e.g. “Hello, I saw we both lived in Surrey! Thought it would be cool to connect, how are you?”

“Hello, I found your post by looking at home fragrance posts and thought it would be cool to connect. How’s things?”


*Scripts to send can be found in our Duplication Flow Chart Sysyem*




Create your dream 50 (aim for 10-50k followers)

  • Comment and like their posts weekly
  • Connect with them to ask if they monetize their audience and ask them ‘the question’ (Would you be open to finding out some information on how you could earn an additional income stream, no worries if not just had to ask.”
  • Once you feel you have a repor with them you could offer to send them a product for a review in their stories/grid post. There is a risk to this as they may well not do anything with your gift but you should be able to judge their character if you have been following/engaging with them for a while. Offer this AFTER asking if they would be opening to becoming a promoter themselves. If you do not ask you do not get! What if an influencer joined your team !? How amazing would that be!!


Daily Method of Operation (DMO) for Instagram

(Set your own numbers – make it manageable and then up it gradually)

  1. Create Content (reel/video/live/post)
  2. Comment back/Message everyone who comments on your post and/or interacts with your story
  3. Find, Follow and Message
  4. Comment on others posts
  5. Add 3-5 posts to stories (Link to your Facebook to share to both stories)