How Do I Sell?

Croxon Kitchen’s Cheat Sheet for direct selling


1:1’s: This involves going to a customer’s house/the customer coming to you to view products


Friends/family help: Asking your friends and family if you can post on their timeline with a link to your group to reach a greater audience. (Asking for shares of your own posts can help with this too. Always thank them for doing so and say how much you appreciate the support.)


Attraction Marketing: It is not all about product posts! Show your audience what an amazing time you are having being a Croxon Kitchen promoter, show them how much you love the products and let them know how well you are doing/what the extra money is helping you achieve.


Hobby groups/Buy-Sell groups: Post in these groups asking if anyone would like to join your candle group. You could offer them a little discount or entry into a prize draw/free gift with their first order.


Avoid overwhelm: Focus on one product/scent/offer per week to avoid overwhelming yourself and customers.


Birthday discounts: Offer a free gift or discount to those who have a birthday that week/month.


Blitz cards/leaflets: Create your own to drop through doors, leave at local pubs/community centres/dentists.


Croxon Kitchen merchandise: Order yourself a Croxon Ktichen merchandise via our merchandise shop. Password: 'Supplies' to promote your business where ever you go.


Build relationships: Like/love and comment on others posts to get your Facebook posts seen more. It takes on average 6/7 posts for people to buy. If you are not commenting and liking then they may not even see ANY posts (only works on your Facebook timeline).


VIP customer list: Create a list of customers/potential customers who would like to be kept in the know about new products and offers. You can then message all these people with business news and create sales before you’ve even posted about it. This guarantees that your customers and potentials know about new products, so you do not have to ‘just hope’ they see your posts.


Loyalty cards: Create a loyalty system for repeat customers. (You could offer them 5% off their 5th order and 10% off their 10th – as an example).


Car Magnets: For advertising on the go.


Product drop: leave leaflets and products with an order form at your place of work and ask friends and family whether you can take it to their place of work too. You don’t even have to know the people. Have a local dentist or hairdressers that know you? Ask them if you can leave a box with them for a week, to go on display in their staffroom. (Don’t forget to add everyone on Facebook that orders so you can follow up/keep in contact.)


Likes/comments on your Facebook posts: If anyone likes or comments on your post message them to thank them for supporting you. Let them know that all likes/comments/shares help you grow your business and promote the Croxon Kitchen brand and so you are very grateful. This could then open up a conversation leading to an order. If not then it is nice to be friendly and people will remember it! People buy from people they like and trust!


Christmas/birthday wish list: Have people create a birthday/Christmas wish list and send it to their family/friends who can order for them.


Customer reviews: Ask customers for product reviews and share them to your timeline/group/Facebook story/Instagram/Instagram story.


Customer service: Send out samples with orders and make them look pretty. People like to be made to feel special. (If you are sending direct to the customer then I have this covered ;)) Remember customer’s birthdays and check in with them to make sure they have received their order and that they love it.


Events/fairs: Ask for local events/fairs happening at schools/ventures in your area and book a table to show off your products. All you need for these are your starter box and sample pots – you can buy in stock but there is no need to.


Flash sales/Split mailing boxes: If you get any freebie products or candle credit offer products at a reduced rate have a little ‘flash sale’ for these items. You can also split up the monthly mailing boxes and sell products individually at a discount rate.


Following up: ALWAYS make sure customers are happy. Let them know when their order is on its way (when you get the dispatch email), message them 2/3 days after to make sure they received it, check in a week later to make sure they still love them, check in a month later for re orders. You can keep track of this in a notebook/spreadsheet.


Videos/Going Live: Create videos/go live about your favourite products and why you love them. Talk about the monthly offers and/or new products. Videos/lives get more engagement on Facebook than just posting. It also helps customers get to know YOU as a person. People buy from people they like and trust.


Self Development: You are bound to come across someone who does not agree with your business and/or something you post/is not happy with a product at some point in your business. Self development is important to stay positive and deal with these matters without taking it personally. Self development suggestion list coming soon but please contact me for recommendations.


Thank you’s: Thank people in posts on your timeline/group for their orders. Thank them for supporting you and say how excited you are for them to receive their order. Post a photo of them/a photo of what product they orders/a thank you image with your post.


House parties: Ask friends and family if they would like to host a candle party or host one yourself. Gather their friends, bring a bottle and smell some candles. You can offer the host a discount off their own order or a free gift. This is perfect over Christmas! Christmas shopping without the hassle of battling the shops/going online. Don’t forget to get names of everyone who attends and add them on Facebook to stay in contact!


Online parties: Not confident enough for house parties? Ask friends/family if they would like to host an online event. Add everyone into a group, arrange a time and post/do videos/go live about the products available – more training to come on this.


Messaging: Message friends and family that you feel would be interested in the products and ask them if they would be open to seeing the product range. Offer them a discount off their first order. Message Template:

'Hey (insert name), Hope your well and having a nice week. Just curious, would you be opening to viewing some information on a game changing product I have been using? No worries if not, just thought I would ask'


Networking: You are bound to sell more if you know more! People that is. Add everyone and anyone you meet/know. All the school mums, work collages, anyone you speak to in hobby groups, friends of friends … EVERYONE. If your network is constantly growing then you will never run out of people to speak to and show our products to.


Partner: Don’t forget to speak to your customers partners! If your customer has mentioned they want something and have a birthday coming up … pop their other half a message ;)

Posting: Timeline: this is your shop window. This is how you build trust with customers. Your timeline is your first port of call.


Groups/VIP Group: This is a private group for all your customers. This is where you share offers, new products and business updates. Make these people feel special for being a part of your group.


Facebook stories: This is a good tool to use. Take advantage to grow your Facebook audience.


Instagram: Hugely popular right now and great for impact with your pictures and customer reviews.


Referral Rewards: Referral reward system – anyone who recommends you to someone and they place an order you can offer the person who referred you a little discount.