Group? Page? Timeline?

You're MOST potential asset is your personal timeline!!! See your profile as your shop front! When you extend your audience your timeline is the first thing people see... when recruiting your timeline is the first thing people see.... every time you engage with someone you are raising the presence of your timeline. Keep it positive! No negativity and no drama. Be uplifting and inspiring because people buy and join people they like!


PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF HIDING AWAY IN A GROUP...... but it can be a very good idea to set up a fun group on Facebook (to support your timeline) and add all of your friends you feel may be interested in the products, and every time you get a new customer you can add them in (always best to ask first before adding and this can be a great way to let people know you have just started your new venture). Use this group to share the latest business news, sale items and new products. This is also the perfect place to share testimonials and reviews on the products from your current client base. (You can use reviews off the website and your own when starting out). The idea of this group is to treat your previous customers and those who have shown interest in what your business has to offer as VIPs. Always find ways to help others through the products you have to offer and they will feel confident in buying from you, which ensures repeat custom, time and time again!

In this group you can hold competitions which aren’t available on your timeline. You can announce the monthly offers too so your ‘VIPs’ can be the first to know, again treating them as VIPs. You can hold sales and you can interact with your customer base.  Don’t post too often. Once or twice a day is enough.


Always remember your timeline is MORE important! Your timeline gets seen more than a group and so by using your timeline as your main business focus you are giving your new venture the best possible opportunity to grow.


a) To set up a group, look on the left hand side of your news feed. It should say groups and if you scroll down there is the option to create a new group When choosing a name it may be an idea to choose a name that doesn’t sound like you are going to be advertising… so don’t have Croxon Kitchen in the title if you can help it. Make the group public and only invite one friend at this stage… invite your sponsor who can engage in posts which helps raise the profile of the group. You could also add in other Croxon Kitchen promoters so they can do the same as your sponsor. Please also return the favour in others groups to help them too J


b) Type a group description similar to this;


‘This is the customer group for ‘Candle Corner’. If you are in this group you will be the first to hear about upcoming deals, giveaways, freebies and new products! Not to mention funny posts and useful articles on all things appealing to us home fragrance and bath product fans. Come and go as you please and feel free to turn off the notifications. If you have any friends you feel may be interested in the products you see here please feel free to add them in. I would really appreciate it.”


(Then have your email, web address and phone number if you don’t mind publicising this info... Pin this to the top of the group so all new members are greeted with it as soon as they join)


 c) Now is the time to bombard your group page with attractive ads and candle burning tips/skincare facts BEFORE adding all your friends! (Focus on ADDING VALUE to your customers and don’t just advertise) Make friends with other members in your team and have a look in their customer groups so you can get an idea of what to post and so you can share posts that get a lot of engagement! Videos are a great idea and this can be whatever you like. It could be a candle related video or it could not. It could even be a video of you. Try to make people laugh with this video.


d) Now add all of your friends! You may want to ask your close friends to add all of their friends too. Don’t be discouraged by people removing themselves from the group or people not liking or commenting :-) this happens to ALL OF US and goes with the territory and thats OK. People ARE watching... they just don't like to show their cards until they know they want to buy :-)


e) Running your first competition: When you first start a group it’s a good idea to have a competition to win a free product that runs for a week. This could be something from your kit but you don’t have to do this competition if you don’t want to! Everyone who added 50 friends to my group was entered into a prize draw to win this product. You may not want to give away a free product but if there is something in your starter kit you feel you could live without, it is well worth doing. You can really grow your audience, and quickly, by doing something like this. When someone adds their friends post to the group thanking then (make sure you tag them so all of their friends see) and say they are now entered into the competition to win the said product... their friends will be notified of the tag, see the competition and also enter. Keep going in this fashion :-)


Your group is now in full swing. Keep it funny, keep it active, and keep consistent! Good luck!