Core Activities - Daily Method Of Operation (DMO)

Daily Checklist for running and growing your Croxon Kitchen business


(Print this off to remind yourself of your daily activity that's needed to grow your business. Don't forget to track your progress!)





Find new friends on Facebook/Instagram, add them and message STRAIGHT away with this message:

'Hey (name), I came across your profile on suggested friends and thought it would be cool to connect. How are you?'

If you message them before they accept your add they are much more likely to accept you!



Set a timer on your phone for however long you wish to work for and scroll through Facebook/Instagram leaving genuine love on people's posts, comment with at least 3 words. 

You set the timer to avoid distractions. Do not stray away from your task, do not reply to any comments until your time is up.

*Wish happy birthday in the messenger - it's more personal and shows you took the time out to wish them well. It will be remembered!* 

(This engagement lets social media know that you are using its platforms for its intended use (to be friendly) they will then show your posts to more people. It also builds your relationships across Facebook. People buy from people they like and trust)


Ask The Question

By using the 'Direct' or 'Indirect' approach. 

Direct - asking the question straight away.

Indirect - using the LORD technique (finding out about their location, occupation, recreation, goals to create repor before asking

The question: Asking if someone is open to finding out some information about your product or opportunity. 


'Hey (name), How are you? I was just curious, would you be open to checking out some information on how you could earn an additional income via social media? No worries if not, just had to ask x'

(other examples you could use here: would you be open to checking out some information on how you could always get your CK products for at least 25% off?/create a calming atmosphere at home to aid better sleep patterns?/earn an additional income without having to leave the house/a way in which you could 'sack your boss' and work for yourself?)


Review the Tool 

The tool is any product or opportunity information you send once they have said 'Yes' to checking out some more information.

For opportunity questions please send the below video (please watch it yourself first, though you may have seen it when you joined!) This video saves you having to word vomit on people, as there is a lot to tell them about the business! It also shows how easy it is if they wish to join and do the same, it doesn't get much easier than sending a pre recorded video does it?


Follow up

This is the follow up with anyone who has reviewed that tool. See if people have watched your video and when they have reply with "What did you like best?'. Its important to ask this over 'how was it' as you want to focus on their favorite part, so you can then speak about this first. Once this has been discussed ask 'Do you have any questions or are you ready to get started?'


 Content Creation

Create an engaging post on:

Personal Facebook Timeline

Instagram Grid

3-5 posts in your FB/Instagram story (can link these)

In your VIP group

Bonuses: FB Live, Insta Live, TikTok post, Tiktok live


Track all the above with the extras below:

How many new customers did you get, if any?

How many new distributors did you get, if any?

Bonus: List three things you are grateful for today


**The best advise I can give for this is do not over think it, (the more you think, the more you doubt yourself, the more you doubt yourself, the less you will do). Don't worry about not knowing it all, take the basics and give it a go, and then come back to learn more/improve**


Ask your mentor to add you into the accountability WhatsApp group (or you can email Nikki directly at where we send our numbers of the above tasks weekly. This keeps us active and allows a prediction of your businesses future. 

We also hold weekly team zooms, at 10am on a Sunday, which you are welcome to join. In these zooms we discuss the core daily activities and help each other with what did or did not work well for us that week. It's a very informal zoom, and a way for us all to meet each week, keep in touch and keep accountable in our businesses. All zoom calls are recorded and uploaded into the team group.