Building A Team - Recruitment



Some of us just want to sell products and not build a team, that is absolutely fine, and no one should be pressured to feel they have to do anything. This is YOUR business, to run as YOU please.


Those of you who DO want to become a leader, this section will be for you:


Why build a team?


By building a team you are creating a ‘passive income’. By helping others create their own online success through their own Croxon Kitchen business you will be rewarded by earning yourself a percentage of your team member’s sales. There is no limit to the amount of people you can bring into the team. Should you help your new team members build their own teams you will also be paid on their team member’s sales!


Passive income is an income that requires little or no effort to earn and maintain. This means once your team members, and those your team members bring into the business, start earning themselves an additional income, they will be adding to the income you receive too! You will be rewarded over and over again in commissions for helping those members create success within their own businesses.


“True leadership must be the benefit of the followers, not to enrich the leader” John C Maxwell


You do not ‘own’ your team and you are not their boss. Just as you don’t have a boss within your own business. We are all in this together and are there to support and guide each other.


To give your new team members the best start to their new business please plug them into this training, just as you were introduced. Instead of ‘telling them’ how to do things, show them. Show them the website so they can find out prices for themselves, for example. This ensures your team become self-efficient and they then know how to find the answers for themselves to pass onto their own teams.



Leadership Tips

·         Have a long term vision. Building a team is not achieved overnight. Set yourself a goal and work towards it, every, single, day.

·         Lead by example. Your team will do as you do.

·         Share ideas with your team. Both those you get paid on, and those you do not, and others ideas will be shared back to you. We only grow together.

·         Stay positive. Negativity only creates more negativity. If a team member comes to you saying ‘OMG I cannot believe that product is out of stock AGAIN! How are we supposed to run a business like this!?’ Instead of adding to this negativity you could change the view and reply… ‘I understand why you feel like this, but look at it this way … our products are so damn popular we cannot keep them in stock!’. We all have days were you do not feel our best and are having struggles/challenges but if we change our mindset around these issues, we can stay positive. There is more on this in the ‘mindset’ section.

·         From day one of signing a new team member find out their reasons for wanting to do this business and what they hope to achieve from their new venture. Do they want this as a hobby? Do they want to use it as a full time income to replace their current ‘job’? Once you know this you can develop a plan and work with your new team member to create the online success they crave.

·         Do not overwhelm your new team members by sending loads of messages and tagging them in absolutely everything! Plug them into this training group, make sure they are a member of our online community (Croxon Kitchen Promoters) and be available as and when they need you. If you do not know the answers to their question message your sponsor or send a message in the online community. We are all available to help, whatever stage of our business we are at.

·         Create a community. Group chats are great for this! Don’t just use them to talk about your businesses. Get to know your team members, build friendships. You are more than welcome to create a team group but please bear in mind that your new team members may follow suit when they start their own teams, resulting in a LOT of team groups!

·         Leave your ego at the door. Just because someone was a better seller than you one month, does NOT mean they are better than you. Same goes for if you are above your team members on leader boards. Recognise your own strengths and the strengths of your team members, share ideas, help one another and grow TOGETHER.

·         Never stop learning. Learn how to be a better leader, seller and/or recruiter.

·         Do not compare your leadership to anyone else. Be YOU. Only you can do that and only you are best at doing so.

·         Remember you are NOT their boss. Just as you do not have a boss in this business. Everyone is self-employed. Yes you help each other succeed but you are not responsible for their success. You cannot MAKE someone work their business. You can only lead by example and support them when they ask for it. Focus on growing your own business and inspire your team to do the same, via your own success.