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Wax Melts

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Wax Melts

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Wax Melt - Fresh Linen

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Our wax melt snap bars are approximately 65g.

Each bar has five segments, which are highly scented to produce up to 10 hours of scent per segment. 




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing wax melts

Received my first but not my last order, the scents are just amazing and long lasting, will definitely be ordering more, the sweetheart scent made my kitchen smell like a sweet shop I love it!! 😍

Kayle Spencer
Beautiful Scent

The Patchouli wax melt is simply divine. It's one of my favourite scents, and hardly anywhere stocks it, so I was thrilled to find it here! I use it in my bedroom and absolutely love it!

Michelle Dawson
Changed my home!

I have only recently had my own home for me and my family, and I always try to find decor to make it feel homely as possible! But once i started using the wax melts, I can now say i can't live without them! I get so many compliments when people walk into my home 😊 I love being able to change the smell to seasons 💜

Steph Willard
My favourite!

These wax melts are delicious! From 1 square of melt it's lovely and fills my house pretty much without being over baring!
Really helps to cover the smell of kids in the house!!

Loren Day
Gorgeous fragrance

What I really love about Croxon Kitchen wax melts vs other brands are that they truly smell really lovely, without any sickly or over powering notes.
It’s hard to explain how special they are until you try, you’ll see the difference.
One of my favourites so far is Day At The Spa