Himalayan Salt Crystal Tealight Holder

Himalayan Salt Crystal Tealight Holder


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Do you have stuffy air within your home?

These beautiful natural Himalayan salt crystal tea-light holder lamps produce a healthy environment within your home by changing positively ionised air into negatively ionised air

Computers, TVs, air conditioning, smoke ect produce positively ionised air which is detrimental to our health. The gentle heat of salt crystal lamps generates ions carrying negative charge thus creating a climate which we find in the mountains, around water falls, at the sea side or after thunder storms

*Due to the natural form of salt crystal’s the lamp's size, shape and colour may differ slightly from the photographs. Our lamps vary in size between 600-1000g*

Customer Reviews

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Mrs Verity Moss
My favourite product so far.

I absolutely love this product I have two and love how unique they are that they are both a different colour and shape. It gives such a lovely glow when you put a tea light in it.

Kelly Maye
So lovely.

I love my Himalayan salt tealight holder.
It gives a lovely glow with the tealight in. Every salt holder is a different shape and size. So unique.