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Carpet Fresh - Fresh Linen

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Our carpet fresh range is a scented powder made from the finest ingredients, designed to be used as a floor fragrance. The unique formula neutralises bad odours and refreshes the appearance of your chosen surface.

Directions for use:

Simply sprinkle over carpets, upholstery or mattresses, even fabric car interiors. Either directly from the bag or through a sieve. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes, then hoover up. Or, dissolve in your mop bucket to refresh and add fragrance to tiled, laminate floors. Keep pets and children away from treated area until the powder has been hoovered up.

350g per bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Charley Terry

The best one for me is the Fresh linen and it smells amazing and you can smell it for days
Think you should definitely try it out and if you have wood/ laminate you can still use it just put it in the water 💚

Sarah Jones

I LOVE the unicorn carpet fresh. I’ve used it on both carpet and on the sofa and the smell lasts for days! The smell from the sofa leaves a lovely fresh smell in the whole room. Thank you!

Bethany Hammond
Day at the spa carpet fresher

Absolutely amazing the scent is so strong and it last for ages 1000% recommended

Gemma Gorringe

This stuff is incredible! And not just for carpets. I've used it on our mattress and sofa, and hubby has used it in the car! I've even used it in the loo overnight and it made it sparkly and smell lovely. Love love love it