Self Development Before Business Development



In Network marketing, you will only ever earn as much as you grow! NM is 90% mindset and only 10% skill, all of which can be taught.


We all come into this business the same... we have the same tools... our bodies and our brains! For NM we need to train our brains if we want to get to our ultimate goals!! We can all do it! It’s just about growing into the people we need to be! Training ourselves to not be beaten by obstacles and challenges (which EVERYONE encounters!) and training ourselves to not be held back by limiting self-beliefs or negative self-talk.


There is no excuse not to do self-development... if you say you don’t have the time NOW to self-develop it is likely you will NEVER have the time to achieve your goals... take the time now for time freedom later. We all want the dream of living the life we want.. You can’t wait for a miracle to come along and place this life in front of you... it just won’t happen! You have to take control of your destiny and make the changes! Do it for your family, but most importantly do it for yourself! You deserve it


Self-Development Recommendations


I Dare You (Frazer Brookes)

I Double Dare You (Frazer Brookes)

The 4 year career 

The secret

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Building an empire

Building your Network Marketing business

The big leap

The 5 love languages (Dr Chapman)

The four colour personalities 

The Power 

The flip flop CEO

5 Second Rule

The magic of thinking big

How to create the mindset of a network marketing champion

How to win friends and influence people

The strangest secret

Girl Code

The power of your subconscious mind

Go Pro

Go for No

Positive intelligence

How to build network marketing leaders

You are a Badass (if you have low confidence)

You are a Badass at making money

How to stay motivated: Developing the qualities of success

The power of positive thinking

Awaken the giant within

Beach Money

Better Than Beach Money

Your first year in Network Marketing

The network marketing mindset

The energy Bus

The Slight Edge

She Means Business

The universe has your back

Girl wash your face

Girl stop apologising

Be a Network Marketing Superstar

Start with Why

Questions are the best answers

The slight edge

The 7 Habits of highly successful people

The Compound effect

The Compound effect free resources -

As you think

The Millionaire mindset

Before Happiness

Who moved my cheese

The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership


The key to living the law of attraction

The science of getting rich

The Compass

Think and grow rich

Psycho cybernetics

The four hour workweek

Success and the self image

Mans search for meaning

The success principles

21 success secrets of millionaires

5 Levels of leadership Jim Rohn - learn these skills or live a mediocre life


Follow names on social media like:


Frazer Brookes


Big Al Schreiter


Eric Worre


Bob Heilig


Tony Robbins


Mel Robbins




There are so many more available!!


AUDIBLE is brilliant for busy people as you can pay £7.99 a month (at time of writing this) and get one free book a month to listen to whilst driving or doing the house work etc. You can also buy ‘new and used’ on amazon if you prefer a hard copy.


YOUTUBE is full of free videos that will help you! Search the above names and books and learn learn learn... I can promise you that these books and this self-development is going to improve your life in every way imaginable!! and i dont just mean financially... but emotionally, spiritually and socially.


PODCASTS Amplified Network marketing with David TS Wood is a recommendation but there are plenty available. All smart phones have a podcast feature... you download an episode when you have wifi and can then listen to it when out and about. You can listen on the computer as well but podcast is best.


FRAZER BROOKES. Frazer is my (Nikki Croxon’s) personal mentor and he has plenty of FREE network marketing training videos on his Facebook profile, as well as YouTube and podcasts which you can work your way through. 


EVENTS. Events such as Frazer Brookes’s ‘success summit’ are amazing to attend. The team group will be uploaded when big events are announced but your welcome to find some yourselves too. These are great for enhancing your knowledge around the network marketing industry and also networking with other professionals.