Launching Strong Guide

Time to set your goals!

Print this out, fill it in, share it with your mentor and keep it in a place that you can refer to it often. 


What is my one year financial goal?


I am committing to myself to 1 year of focus on my new business: (sign here)




WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, Plan)

What is your wish ? (financial freedom? quit the day job? etc)


What will be the outcome when this wish is completed?


What obstacles have you currently faced in achieving this wish?


What is your plan to achieving your wish?


Get Prepared


Complete in 7 days if you can


10 easiest family members/friends to contact about your new business (customers):


1.                                                                                                       6.


2.                                                                                                       7.


3.                                                                                                       8.


4.                                                                                                       9.


5.                                                                                                       10.


10 best – you’re A team (people who you feel would be amazing at this business):


1.                                                                                                         6.


2.                                                                                                         7.


3.                                                                                                         8.


4.                                                                                                         9.


5.                                                                                                         10.


Facebook Live:


1. Curiosity announcement – 5-10 minutes max (talk about how excited you are that you’ve started a new business, briefly why you wanted to join and tell them to stay tuned to find out the news) – Complete within 2 days of joining (sooner the better as excitement is high)


2. Kit unboxing – to complete within 2 days of receiving your kit (10 minutes approx)


3. Your why and product experience – to complete within 7 days of receiving your kit and sampling the products




Document the date you completed each of the below


First customer:


First recruit:


Debt free business (when you have earnt over £35 in commissions):


First self-development book/audible:




What do you want to achieve within 7 days of your new business:








What do you want to achieve within 30 days of your new business:








What do you feel you will need most help with when starting your new business?


Don't forget to share this document with your mentor so they can support you as best they can on your journey with Croxon Kitchen